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Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Recharge

The gifts have been opened, the parties enjoyed, the feasts have been eaten. But before you relax, spend some time thinking about how you can reduce, recycle, and reuse the waste that was generated during the holidays. An additional one million tons of waste is generated between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Giving a second life to […]

Stewarding the Electronic Dinosaur from Cradle to Grave

Electronic waste has become the fastest growing waste stream in the WORLD. When discarded, the toxicity of electronic waste functions as an eroding agent on clean water, healthy soil, and fresh air. The impacts of improperly disposed e-waste are measurable, harmful, and applicable on a global scale. The general cause and consequence of its mismanagement […]

Fats, Oils, and Grease Down the Sink Ruin Municipal Sewer Systems and Private Septic Systems

Pouring fats, oils, and grease (FOG) down sinks can ruin your home or restaurant’s plumbing systems and have negative impacts on municipal sewer systems and private septic systems. FOG includes: Canola oil Olive oil Vegetable oil Fats from pay-frying meats, Sauces Butter and margarine Food scraps Don’t dump that FOG down your sink! FOG combine […]

The Street Sweeper – Our First Line of Defense

The sound of the street sweeper is music to my ears. As the street sweeper drives down the street the sound of the street sweeper vacuum unit reminds me that the sweeper is our first line of defense in preventing debris from entering the storm drain system.  By keeping debris out of our storm drain […]

Creek Week Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the Russian River watershed, the third week of September is recognized as Creek Week. This year Creek Week is from September 16 to September 24. During Creek Week, creek, river and ocean clean-up campaigns will take place throughout Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. The Russian River watershed consists of over 150 creeks which provide water supply, wildlife habitat, […]

Creek-Friendly Home Improvement and Yard Care

The days are long and warm, but many of us are anything but lazy. We are in our yards tackling our outdoor “honey-do” lists. We are refinishing our decks, painting our homes, and taming our yards. After painting the house, sanding the deck, or trimming back the landscaping it would be convenient to sweep or […]

5 Russian River Friendly Car Washing Tips

Can you wash a car without wasting water and harming the environment? The answer is Yes, if you plan ahead and understand that everything that’s been stuck to your car—gasoline, oil, heavy metal particles, tar, and particulate matter from exhaust fumes—has the potential to flow from your wash area to the nearest storm drain and […]

Santa Rosa Unveils Its New Sustainable Education Garden

The Sustainable Education Garden, located at Santa Rosa’s City Hall, will celebrate its grand opening June 20th from 10:00 ‑11:30 am. Join us for the ribbon cutting ceremony, refreshments, and a tour to highlight the innovative features built into this beautiful garden. Attendance is free, but please RSVP to watersmart@srcity.org. Funding from the State The City […]

(Water) Bottle Shock

More than eighty-five million bottles of water are consumed every day in the United States.  What happens to those single-use, non-biodegradable, plastic bottles? The sad truth is, despite being recyclable, most of them end up in our trash, landfills and waterways. A recent trash survey for Windsor Creek removed thirty-four plastic bottles in a single […]

Capturing Rainwater for Household Use

The rainy winter that we’ve experienced after a long drought has brought stormwater and rainwater management to the front of everyone’s mind. We’re challenged in California’s Mediterranean climate by the yearly cycle of rainy and dry seasons, as well as periodic drought conditions. One of the ways that these challenges can be met is through […]