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We Need You to Pick Up the Poo

Dogs and other pets are awesome companions. They make us laugh and get us out on great walks. I have a big goofy lab named Bruno. Recently, we were walking next to a creek under the redwoods. Let’s just say the single pet waste bag I brought wasn’t enough. Bruno and I got lucky that […]

Prepare for the Rainy Season

With fall comes back to school, football, shorter days, and falling leaves. Unfortunately, fall also means clogged roof gutters and drain inlets, irrigation water wasted on a landscape that is already wet, and trash, pollutants and other contaminants flowing with rain water into our local creeks. Storm water flows over the landscape and into a storm drain—collecting fallen leaves, litter, […]

Illegal Dumping

You’ve got to admit, we live in a beautiful area! When I roam around the Russian River watershed, I am enamored by the view until some unsightly dumped material catches my eye. Many of us have seen items—like an old mattress, a rusted appliance, or trash bags along the side of a road. Dumping these […]

Creek Week Volunteer Opportunities

Attention Russian River Watershed Stewards! September 17 – 25, 2016 is Creek Week in the Russian River Watershed! You can contribute to the health of the Russian River ecosystem by participating in creek and river cleanup events throughout the watershed! Events are listed below from the headwaters to the ocean. Please note: The following information […]

Maximize Outdoor Water Use

For the first time in more than three years, the Russian River watershed received near or slightly above average rainfall. Northern California received the brunt of El Nino’s storms and, because of that, the impact of drought conditions in our area have been significantly reduced. Most of the State, however, continues to struggle with severe […]

Safe Medicine Disposal Program Update

How do you dispose of your old prescription and over the counter medicines? Not only are there environmental concerns associated with throwing medicine in the trash and flushing them down the toilet, letting them accumulate at home creates opportunities for those medicines getting into the wrong hands. It is for these reasons that the regional […]

Water Awareness Month

May is Water Awareness Month. This statewide celebration and education campaign originates from the joint efforts of the California Department of Water Resources and the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA).   Water Awareness City-wide California’s last 4 years of below average rainfall have heightened the public’s understanding about the value of water. Locally, a […]