Russian River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines

Sustainable Practices for the Landscape Professional

The Russian River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines is a comprehensive toolbox of principles and practices to aid landscape professionals in the protection and conservation of the Russian River waterways, in the reuse and reduction of plant debris, and to support an integrated approach to environmentally-friendly landscaping. The Guidelines were created for landscape professionals in the Russian River region by the RRWA in 2010, with permission and assistance from in Alameda County.

The Russian River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines is a Russian River version of the Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines, originally published by in 2003.


Case Studies

Below are three comprehensive case studies of sites that have been converted using the principles of Russian River-friendly landscaping. 

Case Study #1: City of Santa Rosa Demonstration Garden, Santa Rosa​

Case Study #2: City of Ukiah Substation, Ukiah

Case Study #3: County of Sonoma Government Center Water Conservation Projects


Russian River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines Sites

Check out our interactive map for sites that demonstrate the principles of Russian River-friendly landscaping.


Photo Gallery

Visit our photo gallery of sites that demonstrate the principles of Russian River-friendly landscaping.


Resource Library

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Landscape Locally

Landscape for Less to the Landfill

Nurture the Soil

Conserve Water

Conserve Energy

Protect Water and Air Quality

Create and Protect Wildlife Habitat



The Russian River Watershed Association irecently held an event on January 28, 2015 which featured inspiring applications of the Principles and Practices of the Russian River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines. This event focused on stewarding our water resources in response to water supply conditions and on landscaping planning for ongoing water-use reduction efforts. The event program featured keynote speaker Art Ludwig and a distinguished panel of experts. Below are PDFs of available presentations from the event:

"RRFLG program overview and update" by RRWA staff

"Water Supply Update" by Brad Sherwood of Sonoma County Water Agency

"Creating drought-resistant soils" by Will Bakx of Sonoma Compost & SRJC

"Drought Tolerant plantings" by Kate Frey of Kate Frey Sustainable Gardens

"Design and manage irrigation according to plant needs" by Kris Loomis of Wyatt Irrigation Co. & Mendocino College 

"Lawn Removal" by Susan Foley, Garden Sense Coordinator of Sonoma County Master Gardeners




Materials from previous Russian River-Friendly Landscape events.


Qualified Landscape Professionals

At this time, the Russian River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines program does not offer a certification for professionals in the Russian River Watershed. However, Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals who conduct business within the Russian River Watershed may list themselves as Russian River-Friendly Qualified


Other Resources

  • The EPA GreenScapes Alliance unites government and industry into a powerful force for the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste materials in large landscapes. 
  • Low Impact Development (LID) is a more environmentally-sensitive approach to developing land and managing stormwater runoff. Many jurisdictions are incorporating LID techniques to help protect their waters and natural resources. 

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