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Water Smart, Water Trees

As we enter our third consecutive dry summer and water storage levels are well below average it is important to use water wisely. You may want to consider prioritizing water use in your landscape by letting your lawn go dry and instead focus on deep and infrequent watering of your trees. Grasses and shrubs can […]

Living With and Preparing For Wildfires

Living with and preparing for wildfires is essential for communities in Northern California.  The Russian River Watershed has learned this lesson intimately during the Tubbs Fire (2017), Pocket Fire (2017), Kincade Fire (2019), and Walbridge Fire (2020). As the tradition of spring cleaning and planting begins, our community should consider fire preparedness. Fire preparedness is […]

Carbon Gardening: A Dirt Simple Solution to Climate Change

Picture this: you’re standing in the bathroom, watching the faucet gushing water into the bathtub. Suddenly, the bathtub is overflowing, and water is starting to flood your bathroom. Naturally, you turn off the faucet, the water stops flowing, and the floodwater stops rising. Phew! One problem down – but there’s still the issue of your […]

Dog Doo Dilemma

There is nothing quite like taking a pleasant stroll and then you look down to see… yuck! A pile of dog doo, or commonly, many piles of dog doo. Dog waste is a common sight on creeks and trails throughout the Russian River Watershed. Not only is it an eyesore, but it is also a […]

Stormwater Runoff

As the winter rains continue to fall, and hopefully bring relief to our watershed communities mired in a historic drought, the rainwater will begin to soak into our gardens and fields and run down the streets into our storm drains, which are not linked to the sewer. Storm drains are specifically designed to capture excess […]

If a Creek Could Talk

Have you ever wanted a fresh start? A new lease on life? A way to leave the past behind and breathe in the air of new beginnings? We’ve all heard the saying “If these walls could talk”. A tried-and-true expression meant to exercise our imagination on how inanimate objects such as a wall have been […]

Make a Move to Native and Drought Tolerant Plantings

This year is different. Historically low rainfall following a previously dry water year have tipped the balance of stored water within Lake Mendocino and water demand throughout the Russian River watershed. As water users in the upper Russian River continue to cut water usage, you may be wondering how we got here and how do […]

The Bioretention Geek

Ukiah, the city I work in, recently renovated the entire downtown area with new sidewalks, paved road, and all new trees with planter areas. In full transparency, I was involved in aspects of the planning of this project but not the design. When a co-worker of mine made a criticism regarding the new planters at […]

Enjoy pollinators in your garden, Avoid Neonics

Neonics is a common pesticide that is harmful to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. So, what are neonicotinoids? Neonicotinoids (neonics for short) are one of the most commonly used pesticides for gardens. They are effective against harmful pests, easily applied and relatively safe for humans. However, what you may not know is that they are […]